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MVS Pet Care is dedicated to providing the highest-quality in-home veterinary care through our network of licensed veterinarians.

MVS Pet Care is currently searching for licensed veterinarians to join our network.


Secure the Future of your Practice with MVS Pet Care
  • Do you currently own and operate your own house call, or mobile, veterinary practice and are tired of spending too much time on administrative tasks and too little time seeing patients?
  • Are you currently in the planning stages of retiring from, or otherwise leaving, your existing house call or mobile veterinary practice?
MVS Pet Care is now hiring!
  • Are you a licensed veterinarian with a minimum of 2-3 years of clinical experience interested in joining the growing field of house call veterinary care?

If so, MVS Pet Care may be the solution for you.

Partnerships and Acquisitions

MVS Pet Care is always looking to expand our service area. Whether you are currently overwhelmed with everything that goes into managing your practice, or are beginning to consider retirement or leaving veterinary medicine, we’d like to help make your life and transition easier.

MVS Pet Care is looking to acquire house call and mobile practices across the US.

We have many options for partnering with existing practices, from partial ownership options to full buy-outs of your practice.

Each acquisition will vary based upon the goals and needs of the owner/veterinarian and the current state of the practice.

However, the end result will be a win/win for MVS Pet Care and for your practice. Our goal is to ensure continuity of care for your patients and clients, grant you relief from the administrative headaches at your practice, and ensure you see the benefit from the hard work you’ve put in to start and grow your practice in the form of income for years to come.

Contact MVS Pet Care today to discuss your options and protect the legacy of the practice you’ve dedicated your career to building.

Benefits of Partnering with MVS Pet Care

  • Security – Secure the future of your practice, and the long term care of your patients by partnering with MVS Pet Care to ensure the legacy of your practice continues after you retire.
  • Autonomy – Maintain medical control of your practice for as long as you are involved. Work with MVS Pet Care to select and train your replacement when you are ready to step away from practicing.
  • Priority – Less time spent on administrative tasks means more time for patient care and interaction. Put your patients’ needs first.
  • Responsibility – Share the responsibility of running your practice with an experienced team of business professionals ready to handle your back office tasks, such as recruiting/HR, marketing, finance and accounting.
  • Flexibility – Sell all or some of your practice now, with the option to sell more later. We value the business you have created and will ensure your comfort level during every step of the transition.
  • Income – We will tailor a deal to your needs, whether that includes upfront capital to improve the practice or for a return on your investment, or a longer income stream after you’ve left the practice, we work with you to ensure the best fit for both parties. After MVS Pet Care becomes a part of your practice, we help improve your profits by allowing your practice access to negotiated relationships with many suppliers, including Covetrus (former Henry Schein Animal Health, Vet’s First Choice, and eVet Practice), Merck, Antech and more to ensure you are receiving the best pricing on supplies, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic labs, and systems for running your practice. Your practice will benefit from our scale and negotiations, keeping your costs competitive with larger national clinics.

Now Hiring

MVS Pet Care is actively looking to hire veterinarians in the following areas:

  • Florida
  • New England – particularly Eastern Massachusetts and surrounding areas
  • Pennsylvania
  • Southern New Jersey
  • Washington, DC Metro area
  • Las Vegas, NV


MVS Pet Care is currently looking for dedicated, entrepreneurial, self-starting veterinarians to join our primary care, house call, companion pet veterinary practices. Experienced veterinarians currently working in any environment are welcome. We will train you on all of the details of the house call environment.

This full-time position requires a minimum of two years of experience working as a veterinarian in a clinic, hospital, or mobile/house call environment.

Salary is competitive, based upon experience, and benefits include bonuses, health/dental/vision insurance, retirement plan, paid time off, and professional development assistance. The schedule includes days Monday-Friday, as well as some Saturdays.

Please proceed to our application page and fill out your information. A member of our team will then reach out to you to discuss opportunities in your area.

Benefits of a House Call Practice

Benefits of a House Call Practice for Veterinarians

You became a veterinarian to help pets. Studies have shown that after the first year of ownership, over 50% of cats are never again taken to the vet for routine wellness exams or vaccinations. A leading cause of cats not being seen by a veterinarian is the difficulty many pet owners have in transporting their animal, especially their cat, to the vet's office. A house call practice eliminates this problem entirely by examining and treating the pet in their own home environment. This can be a very rewarding experience for the veterinarian, as they are often seeing pets that otherwise wouldn't be able to be seen in a traditional office setting due to problems with transporting the animal to a clinic, or difficulties examining a pet in a clinical setting.

In addition, working in a house call practice allows for an excellent quality of life for the veterinarian, as most cases our veterinarians see are for general wellness. After hours and emergency cases involving your patients can be referred to a local animal hospital for immediate treatment, with appropriate follow-up care provided by MVS Pet Care. Currently there are no “on call” hours for MVS Pet Care veterinarians, and few night and weekend hours.

Benefits of a House Call Practice for Pets

As stated above, some pets become very nervous when they have to go to a clinic, but they remain remarkably calm and relaxed when the vet comes to their home.

Additionally pets treated at home are not exposed to other pets in a waiting area at a clinic. This reduces the opportunity for exposure to other pet’s illnesses, as well as the likelihood of two pets having a dangerous interaction while waiting to be seen.

Even pets that are not anxious, or who love going to the clinic, can benefit from house calls. Because the doctor is at home with the pet, he or she can see and better understand the environment and will tailor their recommendations to each pet’s specific needs and circumstances. For example, a dog who lives next to a stream or pond may need a leptospirosis vaccination, but a dog in a high rise apartment building who never goes near a body of water may be able to skip this vaccine. Or the doctor may notice that an older, arthritic dog’s food bowls are on the floor and it might be easier for the pet to eat more comfortably if the bowls were raised up a bit.

When the veterinarian can see and relate to the pet’s experience in this way, they can often offer medical care and advice that combines both the clinical picture of the exam and diagnostic tests, with the bigger picture of the pet’s day-to-day life, resulting in the best possible care for the pet.

Benefits of a House Call Practice for Pet Parents

Beyond the obvious convenience of being at home instead of traveling to and waiting in a clinic, there are other intangible benefits for pet owners. The entire appointment is spent working one-on-one with a single doctor and possibly one technician or assistant. This prevents the pet parent from having to discuss their pet’s history and symptoms with a receptionist, then a technician, and finally the veterinarian. In addition, the pet owner gets the doctor’s full attention, and gets to be present for, the entire appointment. There is no back room to take your pet to for an injection or blood draw, which often causes undue stress for a pet. The veterinarian and pet parent spending the appointment working together to review the pet’s health and discuss the best plan for care.

In facing difficult end-of-life decisions for pets, pet parents can take comfort in knowing that they are in a private setting, and do not need to worry about working through an emotional process in a hospital setting near a waiting room full of other pets and their parents. It is a great comfort for both pet and parent to be in a warm and familiar environment during the pet’s final moments.

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